Suwannee River Boating

Savor Tranquility by Water

Suwannee is known worldwide for its great fishing & boating.

The Suwannee River estuary and near-shore Gulf waters are prized by boaters of all kinds for great natural beauty and peaceful seclusion. Although more readily enjoyed in a shallow draft boat, (3 feet or less) anyone who loves to be on the water will appreciate this unique combination of fresh and salt environments.

Suwannee Boating Suwannee Boating Suwannee Boating

Considered a "low energy" coastline, the area around the Suwannee River mouth typically offers mild conditions and flat seas to ocean going boaters. While most come to fish in the rich near-shore waters of the Suwannee Sound, a growing number of sail boaters and pleasure motor boaters are discovering the area's untouched natural beauty.

Houseboats are one of the favorite ways to enjoy the tranquility of the Suwannee River. With navigation as far upstream as 70 miles, they offer the advantage of a safe and easy-to-operate craft with roomy accommodation. Laze through the arms of the delta or up the river and enjoy all nature has to offer.

Suwannee Boating Suwannee Boating Suwannee Boating

Wildlife Cruises of the Suwannee River and the side creeks not only show the beauty of old Florida foliage, but you will often spot alligators, shore birds, turtles and manatees. As you cruise towards the Gulf you will see the change in the landscape, as well as viewing more shore birds and maybe even a pod of dolphin.

Whether renting a houseboat, a deck boat or a fishing boat, you are setting out on an adventure in nature rarely seen in your busy world of today. When cruising on the river or the flats, be sure you pay close attention to your instructions and your maps. The sandbars, oyster bars and mud flats can cause problems to the boat and your plans.