New Hike Off the Dixie Mainline @ 04 Feb 2017
The Natural Pine Forest trail, near mile eight on the Dixie Mainline, is now easier to hike thanks to Engineering Equipment Operator/Refuge, Jason Coates and several Suwannee residents. This 1.2-mile-long, down-and-back trail has a variety of habitats including a fresh water pond and a marsh view of Shired Island at the end. The trail can be found in the FWS Dixie Mainline Trail Guide ( feature "B" on the map), which is available free at the Suwannee Library.

Watch your head on the overgrown trail until the lopper crew comes through.

Now it's starting to look like a trail.

The finishing crew fine tunes the shape. Left to right, Jane Connors, Kathy, Vonda Bacher, Dusty.

The heavy lifters take a break. Pictured are Tom Leverette, David Meeks and Jason Coates.

After a productive morning Jason Coates gave everyone a jungle tour back to their cars.

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