Top Quality Water in Suwannee @ 14 Dec 2016

Earlier this year, the Florida Rural Water Association (FRWA) in Tallahassee, Florida chose Suwannee Water & Sewer District as the Small Public Water System of the Year. The award was presented to the Suwannee Water & Sewer District at the 2016 FRWA Annual Conference in Daytona Beach on August 8, 2016.

The Suwannee Water & Sewer District serves 909 customers in Suwannee. It has a 375,000 GPD Membrane Water Treatment Plant and a 0.250 million gallon a day extended aeration activated sludge domestic wastewater treatment facility with sewage grinder pumps stations located at each house.

Small Public Water System Award

Here is an article in Treatment Plant Operator magazine about a recent upgrade to one of the steps in the complex waste water purifying process This Treatment Plant's Upgrade is Turning Heads

Water Writers Magazine feature

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