Suwannee River - Fresh Water

The spring-fed river and estuary are rich fishing grounds for several species and famous for large-mouth bass and the unique Suwannee Bass, bringing tournaments to Suwannee yearly. In the river estuary, fish along the banks of the broad Suwannee River for bass, in the winding creeks, or in deep and brackish East Pass. The creeks offer excellent pan fishing for bream, red bellies and crappie. The area is ideal for canoe or kayak fishing enthusiasts.

What you'll catch in the river: Suwannee Bass, Large mouth Bass, Bream, Red bellies, Crappie, Catfish

Best seasons: Mar-May & Oct-Nov

Launch in one of three Suwannee marinas with facilities and parking for direct access to the river estuary, 3 miles upriver at Munden Camp or 18 miles upriver at Yellowjacket Campground.

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Gulf of Mexico - Salt Water

At the Suwannee River mouth the sea grass beds and oyster bars in the shallow and placid nearshore Gulf waters form ideal fishing grounds for redfish and speckled trout year round. In spring and summer cobia, tarpon, pompano, shark and other warm water species are also found in the flats, as these shallow waters are known. Offshore enthusiasts catch gag grouper and king and Spanish mackerel in the deeper waters 15-25 miles from the coast.

What you'll catch in the Gulf:

Inshore: Red Fish, Speckled trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Whiting

Offshore: Gag grouper, Mackerel

Seasonal: Cobia, Pompano, Shark

Best seasons: Mar-May & Oct-Nov

Scallop Season: July - October

Launch in one of three Suwannee marinas with facilities and parking for direct and fast access to the Gulf of Mexico. Licensed, experienced fishing guides available.